Designing an ice rink

Depending on the location and type of ice rink, and depending on the electrical and water connections, we design optimal ice solutions for you.

Rent or sale of mobile and fixed ice rinks and ice parks

According to the agreed project the client decides to rent or sell the ice rink

Rent or sale of standard accessories

Additional standard equipment of the skating rink refers to skates, ice skating aid and ice scraper.

Mounting and dismantling of ice rinks

Our team is out on the field and in the agreed time mounts the ice rink and prepares it for start-up. Dismantling will be done on agreed day in the shortest possible time.

Support, service and maintenance

Our service is available to you every day to solve any problems or ambiguities regarding ice rink during ice skating season.

Managing and maintaining of the ice rinks

The "turnkey" principle, means that our expert team manages the overall ice rink, employees, maintaining and running the ice rink. Maintaining of the ice rinks includes billing, control and daily maintenance of equipment.